Frequent Asked Questions from Our Hotel Partner

Q: Is Logiclink PCI Compliant?
A: Logiclink Cybershell user computers are PCI compliant.
Q: Can we use a Mac computer that offers both windows and Apple’s OSX environment?

A: Logiclink Offers Apple iMac products running OSX.  We also offer Dell and Lenovo PCs running Microsoft Windows.

Q: Can you integrate with our PMS System?

A: At this time, our business center PCs are credit card activated only.

Q: What remote printing solution do you provide?
A: Logiclink provides the iRemotePrint Service.  This service is bundled with our business center PCs, and allows your guests to print from anywhere in the hotel, from laptop or mobile device, to the printer in the business center. Our solution requires no drivers, app, or program installation on the guest device.
Q: What type of support is provided?
A: Logiclink offers 24×7 telephone technical support. Additionally, we offer support via email, toner ordering service, and on site technician support when needed.
Q: Can you provide free services for guests?

A: Logiclink offers both Pay and Free to Guest models.

Q: What software is included?
A: Our business center computers come installed with Microsoft Office, Windows, PDF reader and Cybershell security software.
Q: What do we do if we need a technician on site?
A: If technical assistance is needed, simply contact our support desk.  They will gather the necessary information, and dispatch a technician if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.
Q: How do I order toner or other supplies?
A: Simply email our support desk when the printer is running low on toner, and we will ship a replacement toner to your property.
Q: How do we issue refunds?
A: Guest refunds should be requested within 24 hours of the charge, and can be emailed or called in to our support desk.