Check Out

For Guests

Integrated with your PMS

Don’t settle for less. Our mobile app is fully integrated with Micros Opera PMS and allows for real-time express check out processing to ensure an efficient user experience.

Improve Efficiency & Cut Costs With Express Checkout

Logiclink is instrumental in capitalizing the power of technology for our customers who are focused on improving costs, marketing, sales, overall guest experience, as well as increase staff efficiency. Here are three proven ways through our Express Checkout Solution:

1. Cut Costs – Automate 10-30% of your checkout process 
Express checkout integrates with your back end system, allowing your staff to offer exceptional customer service while the Express Checkout takes care of the rest.
2. Staff Efficiency – Faster flow of information in between departments
Express Checkout’s integration with your PMS will allow for real time express checkout processing which increase the efficiency of different departments such as Front Desk, Housekeeping, etc.
3. Improve Marketing and Sales

A direct marketing avenue to your guests, Express Checkout provides guests with access to customized integrated marketing, loyalty programs & promotional materials.